Monday, January 26, 2015

Dishcloth of the week: stashbusting with warm colors

I finally remembered to take a picture of a dishcloth!  It's the first one of the year!  Hooray!

I crocheted Dishcloth #27 from Big Book of Dishcloths last weekend and used up some scraps in the process.  The pattern is just single crochet stitches in the back loops with increases in the four corners.  Simple, but lovely.  This thing is scrubtastic.

A lot of my cotton yarn scraps fall in the category of Not Enough for a Dishcloth, But Too Much to Throw Away.  Stripes are always a good option, and this knocked out  a small ball of ecru and the last of that bright orange.  Plus, throwing in a few color changes always make a dishcloth look extra fancy, if you're into fancy dishcloths.

Which I am.

I actually crocheted and knitted quite a few dishcloths in December, but I didn't think to take pictures or write about them. And that's a bummer because some of them were super vibrant and cute. 

Oh well.  I took pictures of this one after I worked it up in the span of a regular naptime.  It was simple and quick and I felt super good about the color choices.  I also felt good about adding another dishcloth to my gift stash, because I currently have only TWO dishcloths in my whole stash and that includes a Christmas-y one that is living in a drawer at work.  I have no idea why it's there or what I was thinking when I crammed it into a drawer with paper clips and sticky notes, but I figure I had my reasons so it's going to stay there.

Oh! Before I forget, this is what the back looks like.  Sometimes that's important to me.

Pattern: #27 from Big Book of Dishcloths
Assorted worsted weight dishcloth cotton
I hook
Project page here

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