Sunday, December 14, 2014

We had another mountain adventure!

We went to Petit Jean State Park. Again!

This time there was fog.

This time Dad came with us.

There was more climbing and exploring.

And we all wore plaid flannel.

We picnicked by the playground and checked out the Rock House Cave.  Here are the Turtle Rocks we saw on the way down.

And here's the cave. Evelyn wore a backpack, too.

We also walked the Bear Cave Trail, which I didn't photograph.  But it was filled with huge rocks and we both held Evelyn's hands to keep her from tripping over all the rocks and roots. She was long overdue for a nap by then.  I think the Rock House Cave trail is about half a mile long, and I think the Bear Cave Trail is as well.  Big day for some little legs!

I noticed Evelyn thinking for herself more this time when she was talking out loud about where she would put her hands and feet when she was climbing a rock.  Petit Jean has a lot of areas that aren't sectioned off, and she's learning more about why she has to stay close to us and listen to us when we tell her to hold our hands. 

But she also loved letting her arms float out the side on the swings, and shouted that she flew higher than a dragon.  She carried the park map in her backpack and was really delighted that she used a restroom that had a hole in the potty (it was an outhouse).  We talked a lot about moss, and trees that have berries.  She felt incredibly big telling her dad about the visitors center.

And she napped when we took the long way home this time.

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