Saturday, December 20, 2014

My very first birthday post for Ellis


My one and only nephew is one! Happy birthday, sweet Ellis!


Ellis James is a dadgummed delight.  I remember hating nearly everything about 2013, and then he was born and for the remaining 21 days of the year I thought "Well, things turned out pretty okay."

He just makes everything better by being the loveliest little person.  We spent a long, long time looking forward to him and Evelyn was full of plans for him. 


It took her a few months to get used to him, but halfway through the year something clicked and they were best friends.


 He laughs at the sound of her voice and she jumps every time I get a text because she hopes it's a picture of him.  They get into each others business any time they're together and they're absolutely lovely.

Ellis is the best little guy.  I love him.  He reads, he claps, and he's snuggly.  He's so smart and strong and cheerful!  

He makes his family beautifully whole.

It's been so fantastic to watch Laine and Robert be parents this year.  They make a wonderful family and I'm so excited to celebrate Ellis's birthday very, very soon. 

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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