Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 2

Cody is working tonight and Evelyn is with my mom.  She usually spends a night or two a week with my parents because 1) everyone likes that arrangement and 2) because of mine and Cody's work schedules, an overnight trip is sometimes in order to avoid a lot of back-and-forth driving.  Here are some pictures of Evelyn and Mom doing a 'cooking craft' last week.

Evelyn was super proud of her marshmallows covered in melted chocolate and sprinkles.  I ate one and nearly died of sugar, but made sure to thank her for sharing her beautiful cooking.  I miss that girl.  The house was way too dark and quiet when I came home.  Cody left the tree lights plugged in, but I unplugged it to save electricity.  I spent a while tidying up, and I ate a sandwich.  Then I made my square for today. 

It looks more blue in real life, but this is how things turn out with the lights.  Maybe I'll get up a little earlier in the morning and take a picture with some natural light.  I made some more purple centers for the rest of the week, and I have lots of color combinations in mind.  But I like pacing myself.  There are gifts to make and Christmas cards to order and messes to clean up.  One square a day is something to look forward to.  So.  More dark colors and blues.  It seemed like a good choice for a quiet and cold night.

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