Thursday, December 4, 2014

A colorful Day 5 and a pretty princess

I came home to a princess today.  I'm always so happy when she's here, but my goodness. It was especially delightful to come home to her smiling face while she said "I'm a pretty princess!" over and over.

The princess dress is part of the "Get That Princess Off the Paci Project" that's going on right now.  Someone's Gil is not above a little (or sometimes, a lot of) bribery when it comes to getting little people to do difficult things.

She wore her Belle dress and fancy sparkly heels and shiny crown while we played a memory game and she referred to herself as "the princess".  During that time I made today's square.

Bright blue, red, and variegated yarn that features a lot of red and blues.  It's colorful, but wintery.  I always feel a little happier and a little more inclined to pick cheerful colors when I'm around Evelyn.

She told me princesses close their eyes for pictures.

Everything's a little more colorful when she's around.

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