Monday, December 8, 2014

A birthday post for Mom

Today is my mom's birthday! 

Evelyn and I went out to see her yesterday.  Evelyn gave her the beautiful card she made, and I gave her the kerchief I knitted (project notes here).  She's always cold and it's wintertime and I had some great yak yarn that I got nearly a year ago and was dying to try out.  Who better to knit with luxury yarn for than your mom?  She said both of our gifts were perfect.

Tonight we called her and Evelyn sang the birthday song perfectly. She was out to dinner with Dad, but said it was fine because she'd finished eating.  She always makes time for Evelyn.  Always, always.

Last weekend, Evelyn was trying to get Ellis's attention in one of the rare moments he wasn't following her around.  She patted his arm, made her voice extra squeaky (that's what she does when she's trying to be nice), and said "Oh hi, Ellis. Hey sweet boy." "Sweet boy" and "sweet girl" are what Mom calls babies she especially loves.  Evelyn tries to imitate her Gil a lot, and the results are usually pretty great.

So in addition to getting a grandson--even though he wasn't born on her birthday like she requested-- Mom can probably write this year up as the one where Evelyn started adopting her mannerisms and speech patterns.  That seems like a pretty big deal, and I'm hoping she takes it like the high compliment it is. 

Maybe Ellis can start calling Evelyn "sweet girl" next year.

Happy birthday, Mom! We love you.

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