Monday, November 17, 2014

Might as well be

Tonight wasn't perfect, but I can't remember why not.

Here's our gratitude tree.

I took Evelyn to Target last week to pick up essentials and browse for Thanksgiving decorations.  She's still wrapping her head around holidays, and this one is a bit of a letdown for her after all the costumes and decorations for Halloween.  But she thinks turkeys are neat, and so when she wanted to buy a three-dollar kit (that is not nearly as cute as the one made of twigs that I saw on Pinterest before I remembered that we are, God helps us, city folk and sticks are kind of in short supply around here) I took it home and we immediately started writing down things we were thankful for.

Whenever it's my turn to do the nighttime routine, I say in the bedtime prayer "Thank you for all good things" and then we list all the good things from that day when we're done.  So lately we've been talking about "thankful" and "grateful" and "gratitude" and what they have to do with thanking God for all good things. 

The kit came with 5 or 6 leaves, and we wrote that we were thankful for: Boris, family, friends, libraries, crafts, and pasta.  Tonight we cut out some more leaves and wrote down more things.  Like: glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas, a new jacket, throwing a ball, scissors, playing, Halloween decorations, hats, and puzzles.

Which, by the way, we are working on because she's really been itching to try out this 500 piece puzzle.  Why not? I cleaned off the table and we started flipping and sorting pieces.  I'll have you know she built most of the bottom frame all by herself.  I had to talk to her a lot about pieces and repositioning things, but it was a really good and fun exercise in patience.  I was impressed with how long she stuck with it, and she was proud of her sharp eyes.

Cody made lasagna (from scratch.  I prefer Stouffer's.  I know these are not real problems) before he went to work this evening, and I heated it up for us.  We talked about the puzzle and how maybe she and her dad can cut out some leaves of their own.  She's pretty excited about the gratitude tree and its pretty fall colors.  She also made sure to list our Thanksgiving decorations which are now: two turkeys, a bowl with leaves, the gratitude tree, and a pumpkin Evelyn and my mom made with canning rings.  We also have pumpkins all over the living room, but they've been up since September and they may not register with her anymore.

Good mom that I am, I bribed her to finish her lasagna with M&Ms and made sure to lay out her pajamas in the living room so they would glow really brightly when she put them on.  She had to try them out in two dark rooms at least 5 times between getting out of the shower and going to bed. 

In fact, before Cody came home and broke a chair just by sitting in it (this is the third time this has happened?), I would have wagered that this was a mostly perfect night.  But I'll take it.  It was regular night in with puzzles and crafts.  I loved every minute of it.

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