Thursday, November 13, 2014

I've made some other things, too!

I keep meaning to talk about other things I've made, but never quite get around to it.  So I'm going to talk about it now! Yay!

I finished the blanket I was making.  It's Square #77 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet

Well, actually it's 20 Squares #77.  I stitched the squares together and worked a single crochet border around the edges.  The co-worker gave it to her grandson earlier this week and she's shown half the office the picture of him wrapped up in this that's on her phone.  Everyone's been complimentary.  I'm really glad I ran this through the washer and dryer before I gave this to her because now this is super soft and squishy.

This is a little spider I knit for Evelyn a couple of months ago.

She's been in quite the spider phase for the past few months, and I made this when she was all about spiders.  It's the Itsy Bitsy Spider pattern, which is a free download on Ravelry.  I made this during her nap time one afternoon and when she woke up, she requested that I make some fangs.  I have politely ignored her. 

 Speaking of free patterns on Ravelry, this is the Button-Tab Hat

It's one of the first patterns I queued on Ravelry and I finally made it!  I used yarn that I bought at the fiber extravaganza, and I'd hoped I could use it for this pattern especially.  I made some modifications for Evelyn, obviously.  I cast on 78 stitches for Evelyn's hat and knit the crown in 68 stitches.  The colors pooled like crazy with the shorter rows and it looks lovely on her.

Evelyn picked out the buttons and I don't know which one of us is more thrilled with these matching hats. 

And! Remember when I made Evelyn's hat and wanted to make one for myself?  I did.

The Split-Brim Toddler Hat is technically for toddlers.  Actually, it's officially for toddlers, but this was easy enough to modify.  My notes are here.  This was a fun way to use up about a skein and a half of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

Cody told me I should smile like Evelyn for a picture. It actually hurt my face to smile as big as she does!

And it's fun to have semi-matching hats.  They really keep our ears warm!  I love that whole 'split brim acting as earflaps' thing.

I'm just showing you this picture because we're so cute.

This is the Trendy Baby Hat.  I made it to use up the last few scraps of this yarn I had left over from our hats.  I had planned to add it to the gift stash, but Evelyn thought Boris needed it.  I did manage to get this picture before we squirreled this away.  I haven't made this pattern in quite a while, but it's a fun little knit. It's all quick and squishy and warm.

Lastly, here's a hat that I made for Mom! This is Lacy Shells pattern from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.

I'm a little worried that this was just a bit too slouchy, but maybe Mom can roll the brim if she wants. Can you roll a brim on a slouchy beanie?  It's Mom's hat, so I guess she can do whatever she wants.  This calls for bulky yarn and a J hook.  It's such a fast project and super cute.  I made this in fuchsia yarn for Sara's birthday and Mom wanted one in black. 

Now they can match too!

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