Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy stripey tube socks

I knitted Evelyn some socks! 

Never mind that I intended to knit up a bunch of baby booties this year and I don't think it's going to happen (I used up all my baby bootie powers making pairs for Ellis.  I regret nothing), or that I still haven't finished Cody's Christmas socks from LAST Christmas (I regret that, but he's told me not to), or that I really want to finish Ellis's sweater in time for Thanksgiving so my favorite nephew can be warm and I can take pictures of Evelyn and Ellis in matching sweaters because I've dreamed of that since 10 minutes after Laine told us she was pregnant. 

But I'm always easily distracted and there are so many patterns and I have so much yarn I want to use up and and and. 

So. Tube socks.  I don't like picking up the stitches on the heel flap, so I thought tube socks would be nice.  I found the TUBE SOCKS for Kids pattern as a free download on Ravelry. I'm not sure what's up with the title being partially capped, but I like it.  This is a toe-up pattern that uses the Turkish cast-on, which I thought would be fun to try out.

It wasn't.  I was too tired and too impatient.  So I decided to go top-down and cast on the number of stitches I would need.  Then I shaped the toe according to Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructions in Knitting Without Tears (of course, Elizabeth Zimmermann!). 

So ta da! Stripey tube socks!  I've been promising Evelyn some socks from this yarn since last summer because I'm a monster who doesn't follow through on my knitting promises.  I'm so happy that she was happy with these.

I'm less happy that she immediately asked for a black pair.  I plopped her down with a box of sock yarn and she picked out some navy blue yarn.  I went up a needle size and I'm still not done with them.  It's partly because I'm working more diligently on other projects and also because dark socks are boring and terrible.  I'm going to go back to a #1 needle (what I need for gauge) and knit these in a bigger size for Christmas.  They're great little socks and I want her to have some more tall stripey socks for this winter.


Peggy said...

Too cute! I will share this with my 17 year old daughter who is and AVID knitter.

Jen said...

Thanks! It's a fun little pattern.