Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Oh man.  It feels like we've been doing Halloween forever and Evelyn still wants to decorate our home with more spooky things.  We started celebrating her new favorite holiday with a trunk or treat last Sunday.

We tried to go to Boo at the Zoo on Tuesday, but it was rained out.  We got free passes, though, so we knew we'd try again later in the week.  On Friday, my parents brought Evelyn home earlier than they normally would so that Cody could take her trick or treating as soon as he got cleaned up from work.

He took her to our library, which wasn't photographed.  But she was pretty thrilled to show off her costume to the librarians since she's been telling them about it for weeks now.

Then she came to my work!  We hosted some trick or treaters who were employees children or grandchildren, and everyone really loved it.  A lot of us got really excited about decorations and some divisions even had games.  I was too busy showing off my skeleton to take pictures, but here are a few shots from after all the festivities.  Evelyn likes to sit at my desk and work when she visits.


She liked my new wallpaper.

And these vampire teeth.

Then we layered up for Boo at the Zoo!  I wore my witch hat and Cody wore the skeleton mask that Evelyn picked out for him.

She wanted their skeletons to be friends.  Such cuties.

She was pretty excited with all the lights and decorations.  She was especially happy with the penguins and any witches she saw in trees.

She got to sit in a fire truck!

And went through a weird display about animal 'crimes' (who ate the bunny? A snake? A dog? Why were there hissing cockroaches there as well?) that kind of went over her head, but she liked measuring up with her dad.

We went by a friend's house and everyone was delighted with her costume.  She was a little nervous about Brad's neck wound, didn't seem to notice that Jessi's outfit was anything out of the ordinary, and thought Brook's get-up was very beautiful.

She really enjoyed wearing the hair as well.

We sorted candy on Saturday:

Boy howdy.

It was a good chance to pull out the stickers and pencils and tattoos she'd gotten so that she could play with them, and put the candy in a bowl far out of her reach.  She spent an hour or so eating a ring pop.  I think I've wiped down most of the house.

General Halloweenery continued on Sunday, but I didn't think to photograph it.  She showered at her Gram's house that evening (we had an awesome adventure with a water heater. The only person who loved the adventure more than we did was our building's long-suffering maintenance guy) and showed off her glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas!  I'll probably be dressing her up as a skeleton this weekend so that Dicy can see her in all her glory.

Such a good Halloween.

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