Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Square a Day

I don't quite know how Advent works. 

I know I should.  I'm an adult with two library cards, a Catholic husband, and ready access to the Internet, which means I'll read a bunch Ann Voskamp posts about it soon.  But I don't really get it.  I wanted to do an Advent calendar this year because Evelyn sort of understands the concept of calendars, but it hasn't happened.  Granted, Cody could always go out and get one since he supposedly knows how this works but he didn't (To his credit, he did try to take Evelyn to an Advent service this morning. He accidentally went to the Latin one. Right before lunchtime. It was all downhill from there).

The sweetly beautiful face of the wondrous creature who is slowly crushing our souls into tired dust. She's a gift. I believe both of those sentences with equal sincerity.
So I'm going to crochet a square a day.

I'll put them up somewhere and that can be our calendar this year.  30 squares can make a decent-sized blanket, so I can stitch this up at the end of the year for Evelyn or the couch or to donate.  Whatever. 

I just thought it would be a nice, meditative activity for me.  Apparently it's okay to bring in granny squares to your spiritual practices, so that's cool (I do know that much).  This is a purple week, so the center of the square will be purple each day.  The border of all the squares will be in this blue because I have a pound of it. 

I'm trying to work through a lot of my stash.  In fact, the only resolution I have (so far) for next year is to use up all the yarn I have.  I have some great stuff and some weird stuff and some regular ol' stuff that needs to be used and I want it all out of my hands and my head before the end of 2015.  I thought I could wait, but I've spent a crazy amount of time this weekend modifying a pattern for a granny square tree skirt for our tree.  Everything must go.

So my plan is to crochet a granny square every day.  They make me happy.  I can use colors according to my mood that day.  I can think about the season.  I think I can place these on our back door, near where Evelyn sits to eat dinner.  We can count down the days to Advent.

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