Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We assembled. We saved the day. We ate dinner.

Evelyn enjoyed putting her Captain America jacket on a teddy bear and flying it around the living room so much that she decided to wear it.  Then Dad had to be Iron Man and wear his Iron Man apron.  And he gave her a shield.  It's the lid to a pot.

She sounded so excited as she kept explaining "We're Avengers!"  And she was excited about being flown.

I was the Hulk, in case you were wondering.  I realized that I should have been Thor because I just want to be Thor, but Evelyn had already decided that Boris would be Thor.  See?

She gave him a hammer and everything.


Anonymous said...

Disney princess outfits would have been WAY too boring, right?! She is going to save the world and have dinner on time. That girl has it together.
I certainly tip my hat to her and send her a hug!:). Gil

Jen said...

Sometimes you're a princess, and sometimes you're an Avenger. She excels at being both!