Friday, October 10, 2014

I Love Yarn Every Day

Today is International I Love Yarn Day!

I love yarn, but you probably already knew.  Still, it's a fun day to celebrate.  A lot of craft sites are having sales, and my local yarn store is starting their 50th anniversary sale with this beautiful holiday.  I think I'm going to try to abstain from any shopping this year.  I picked up some great yarns at the fiber festival a few weeks ago, and I have some pretty exciting yarns from the last few sales I got excited about.

  I've been updating my stash page on Ravelry and that's been strangely exciting.  It's like I'm getting yarn because I'd forgotten about some of this stuff a little bit.  I'm full of plans.

I went ahead and cast on a hat with some yarn I bought at the festival.  There's a little more than 200 yards of this, and I'm hoping to get a simple little beanie out of this for myself and then a smaller version for Evelyn.  The colors are perfect for fall and I couldn't wait any longer to get started because I love this particular yarn so much.  It's superwash merino from The Hen House, and I love the colors and I love how they look in a simple stockinette. 

Evelyn has a book that I like to read to her called "Extra Yarn."  It's about a little girl who finds a box of yarn and starts knitting multicolored sweaters for herself and everyone she knows.  The yarn never runs out so she starts knitting sweaters for animals and buildings and cars.  It's a sweet little book and I always read it on the rare chance I get to pick out the story at bedtime.

I'm actually planning on destashing some of my yarns.  My craft corner has been steadily spreading out into the rest of the living room and even the secret hiding places aren't really working for me anymore.  I want to finish up some projects so I can use the yarn that I have to hang on to.  I want to give away some other yarns.  And I want to keep the rest of my beautiful yarn where I can actually see it and use it up. 

I love yarn today and every day and I love making plans for it.


Karen said...

I love the way that our hobbies have a way of taking over our homes. Your yarn is beautiful.

Jen said...

Thank you! I'd like for this hobby to take up a little less space, but I do like having my yarn in its own corner. It's a wonderful part of my life.