Friday, October 17, 2014

Graphic Knits by Alexis Winslow: A Review

It's pattern book review time!  Be excited!

This is Graphic Knits by Alexis Winslow. 

This is Alexis Winslow's blog, where she's leading a knitalong of the Sweetness Pullover.  This is the Sweetness Pullover.  It's a top-down knit with fine yarn and some optional short-row neck shaping.  It slays me.

This is exciting!

Even though I quickly realized I was way more out of my depth with these patterns than I had initially thought--like within the first few seconds of actually looking at these patterns--I still really want to try out some of these patterns.  They're beautiful!  I love how she uses color together to make some super bold-looking pieces.  Like this Rook Pullover. 

The Rook Pullover is another top-down knit with some super interesting patterning. 

Okay, one more sweater.  I really, really liked the Rockling Cardigan.  It has a bold design, but is a little more classic-looking than some of the other patterns.  It could be knit up with more trendy colors, like the pink and gray in this model photo, or in more neutral tones for more of an heirloom look. 

Okay, on to the accessories!  Because knitting can take so long, I'm usually more of a fan of classic-looking sweaters and more contemporary accessories.  Hats and scarves are smaller, and can be replaced more easily to keep up with changes in fashion.  So imagine my surprise to find out that the accessories in Graphic Knits featured more traditional designs.  Striking, but traditional.  

Look at the Fair Isle color work in the Woodstar Beret and Mitt set!

And the Danae Mittens?  Double knitted!  Two layers!  Tiny yarn and needles!  A simple, bold pattern that's pretty but practical!  This is some next-level knitting.  It's Very Serious Knitting that yields some super fun mittens.

The Danio Hat is really grabbing me for some reason.  It's knit with bulky weight yarn, and it looks like a fantastic single-skein project.  Folded-up flaps knit in seed stitch liven things up a bit, and a button always makes things a little more fun.  This is something I would actually attempt to make, and it would be an excellent addition to my gift stash. 

But I think the first project I'll make from Graphic Knits is the Bowerbird Wrap. 

It's written for DK weight, but I have some sport weight yarn in colors that will look fantastic.  This has a loose gauge and those casual cables make this look like it would be fun to knit and fun to wear. 

Graphic Knits has 20 patterns written for a variety of garments--cardigans, camisoles, pullovers, mittens, blouses--in a variety of yarn weights and fibers.  I'm not sure if there's a little something for everybody here.  But if you're a fan of color blocking and interesting geographic designs, then there's going to be a whole lot of things you like.  I'm looking forward to jumping into these projects very soon!

By Alexis Winslow
Interweave/F+W; $24.99

Note: I was given a copy of Graphic Knits to review, but have received no other compensation.  All opinion and lofty goals are my own.


Sarah said...

It's really a beautiful book. I need to get my review up soon... :)

Jen said...

I'm sure you'll have a lot to say! There are some lovely projects in there.