Sunday, October 12, 2014

God bless the super bulky yarn

I knitted a hat for Evelyn today.  It's the Toddler Split-Brim Hat, which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I think I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and queued it up at record speed.  I love how this looks.  And Evelyn was incredibly pleased.  I showed her the picture on the pattern this morning and she said, "Oh, that is very beautiful."

The brim is knitted flat, which gives the hat a little bit of an earflap look and feel.  And this calls for about half a skein of Lion Brand  Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.  A few months ago, I went a little crazy building up my stash for blog-related projects.  I knew even then that I'd overdone it with the very literal wool-gathering.  And once I didn't need to make 3-5 projects a week?  Boy howdy. 

So.  It's time to destash a bit.  And this hat is adorable.  And I had some partial skeins of pink yarns.  Perfect!  I was in the mood to make this today, so I did.  Super bulky yarn and #13 needles meant that I was able to knit this little hat up (just 36 stitches!) while Evelyn pretended to sleep in her little tent.  Hooray!


I asked Evelyn if she wanted me to use the light pink yarn for her pom pom and braids, or if she wanted everything to be cranberry pink.  She liked the contrasting yarn, and I finished this up while Cody combed her hair and packed her a snack for the zoo.  She didn't go to sleep during nap time today, and I was restless (as evidenced by the fact that I made 3 hats and 8 granny squares in 24 hours. WHATEVER). So I took her to the zoo.  She wanted to wear her hat, and she's too young to realize that her mother is terrible at making pom poms.  She wore the hat the whole time we were at the zoo, though!  And she likes fiddling with the braids.  I was happy that she agreed to pose in these pictures for me.


I'm wondering if I can jump up to 56 stitches and make a bigger version of this for myself.  I think I can use the darker yarn for the brim and pom pom (can adults wear pom poms? No? Let's pretend like we/I can) and then use up the lighter pink for the body.  I want to mix the two colors for the braids. Then I'll have two whole skeins--big, fluffy, space-consuming skeins--out of my stash.  And I would have a really cute hat on my head.

Let's be real.  This thing is as good as made in my mind.  I don't even care that I won't look as
cute as she does.

I mean, how could anyone?

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