Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things that make me happy

I took a nap today.

Evelyn spent a couple of days with my mom and dad. Her visit included Wednesday class at the little church near them, and a trip to Memphis to see her aunt and cousin.  I'm told she could make Ellis stop crying every time she sang her ABCs.  Also, she went to the zoo with Laine and they were two big girls on a big girl adventure, just the two of them.  And she went to the Memphis Botanic Gardens!  I'll have to do a post about that with all the pictures Laine and Mom sent me.  So lovely. She was honestly a little bummed to come back to us, but I told her I would buy her some more Doc McStuffins merchandise and a Halloween costume.  That's really the only reason she went home with us and went to bed with a minimum of fuss.

So today I bought some Doc McStuffins merchandise: a doctor kit that's all glittery and includes a talking stethoscope, and a little stuffed dragon.   And we bought a Halloween costume.

She's been very focused on getting a Halloween costume and getting it from the costume store near our Target.  "Obsessed" may be too strong of a word, but it comes to mind whenever I think about her.  She was a little scared of all the decorations and some of the costumes and definitely all of the sounds, but she acted pretty calmly.  And we found a skeleton suit.  It's a little big, and the hood is a little small.  We may have to buy her a mask, assuming this is going to be her costume.  She really loves it.

I at least saved money by cutting Cody's hair tonight.  I'm glad he trusts me because I have no business wielding a beard trimmer all over someone's head.  But he looks fine.  Evelyn helped me sweep up the hair on the balcony when I finished.

I have a lot of plans for knitting hats.  So many plans. 

The morning glories are still going strong and there are some making our herbs look beautiful.  I was actually late for work this week because I wanted to run back in to take pictures.

Lastly, fall came this week and it's been pretty nice.  The leaves on the maples around here are starting to turn, and it's not so hot that I want to stay inside for all of eternity.  Mom and Evelyn made this cute little pumpkin a few weeks ago and it's been a great decoration for our table.

Things are nice.


Anonymous said...

Nice pumpkin. I'm sure it was a fun grandma-granddaughter activity!

Jen said...

Thanks! I think ALL of their activities are fun grandma-granddaughter activities, but my little girl was very proud to show off this one.