Sunday, September 14, 2014

A birthday post for Dallas

Dallas is 13 now because time won't stop and everything is terrible and the aging process is inevitable and oh man.  But also everything is beautiful and perfect and amazing.  He turns 13 today and is going to play paintball.  He had a little family party last night and since there weren't many kids there and Evelyn's getting bigger, she got to play football.  Cody shadowed her some of the time, but for the most part we just made sure she stayed next to some of her uncles and they made sure the big kids remembered to throw her the ball every now and then.

Favorite parts of the evening: Dallas trying to get Evelyn to throw him the ball and shouting, "Pass it to your favorite brother!" and Jack yelling, "That's me!"

And Jack helping Evelyn down some stairs, and her saying "Thanks. I love you!" (They just met last night.)

Evelyn kissing people goodnight.

Dallas letting Evelyn help him blow out the candle on his cake because she thinks she gets to blow out the candles at everyone's party.  He was as gracious as he always is, and she was so happy to see him.


It was all my favorite part, really.  It was a nice little family gathering and I'm so happy that Dallas is 'ours'.  I love watching him grow and learn and turn into the kind of big brother we've always hoped he would be.  Happy birthday buddy.


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