Monday, August 18, 2014

Blanchard Springs is better than I remember

I took off this week, and we kicked off the mini-holiday by driving out to Blanchard Springs on Saturday.  We packed snacks and got lost a little bit and fussed at each other.  Evelyn played with stickers, read a bunch of books to herself, climbed on stuff, and made a few new friends.  Cody and I were exhilarated with the whole 'family day trip' thing, along with the thrill of knocking out several firsts with Evelyn.  I loved spending so much time outside.

The day was hot and crowded (there was a biker festival in town! Whoops), and we were completely worn out at the end of the day.  It was a perfect summer Saturday.  Just perfect.

Enjoy the pictures!


Sarah Shotts said...

Cool! I haven't been to any of the Arkansas caves yet. They need to go on my list. :)

Jen said...

They were great! We took the shorter, easier route because we had a small person with us, but there's a trail that's 4 miles long! I'd love to try it sometime. They're beautiful.