Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An anniversary post for Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad have been married for 36 years! 

How about that.  We're not celebrating as big as we did last year, but I'm sure we'll get around to having a good party at some point. 

See if you can spot the new person showing up to celebrate!

Hint: it is Ellis.
It's been a good year.  36 years is a long time, and it's just now hitting me as I type this.  I'm 31, and anything five years younger than I am can be sold as "vintage".  At least two of Mom and Dad's offspring have gray hair, and the less said about their sons-in-law and their hair, the better. 

The neighbor 'baby' is a pre-teen now, but still gracious enough to invite us all to his birthday parties and he spent a good chunk of his summer with Mom.  And a good chunk of that time was spent helping her look after Evelyn because he's old enough to catch on to how the circle of life (or at least babysitting) works now.

And there's that second grandbaby!  Another kid has had a kid. 

My parents are the people who whip out their reading glasses so they can have a better idea of how to pull up pictures on their phones and force any conscious human in their immediate vicinity to look at pictures of 'their' babies.  It's such a grandparent thing to do and I love it.

They do other grandparent things like stay up with baby Ellis when Laine had bronchitis this winter, or build peanut butter pine cone bird feeders with Evelyn.  


In spite of being super supportive about the benefits of breastfeeding, and offering up applesauce and steamed broccoli, there is a surprising amount of French fries and ice cream and chocolate too.  Only to Evelyn, though. For now.  Ellis will have to struggle along with only extra clothes and books and educational toys and extra attention for a little bit longer.

It's the spoiling that tickles me, I guess. Mom and Dad seem to enjoy it so much.  There's this unbridled pride and joy that's just bursting from them any time they seem to even think about their grandkids and it strikes me as something only older people are allowed to do.  

Evelyn and Ellis might just be along for Granddad and Gil's ride. I think everyone's okay with that?
 But if they've been together for nearly four decades (and 36 is a high enough number that I think you can round up to the nearest decade), then I guess they're old enough to be 'those' kinds of grandparents.  They've earned it.  It's pretty self-serving of me to say this, but no one deserves Evelyn and Ellis more than my mom and dad.  Those babies are absolute magic, and the most delightful grandchildren (human beings?) to ever exist. They surely must be some kind of reward to my parents for all of the adventures and misadventures that came with raising us.  And our friends.  And our animals.  And on and on and on.  

Happy anniversary, you guys!  I hope this next year is even better than the last.  We love you!

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