Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our 4th!

We went to Oklahoma for the 4th of July! 

 I made Evelyn model her little outfit. We went to our friends', Glen and Jolene's, home for the holiday. Jolene gave Evelyn this dress when she was born, and she's been wearing it every July 4 since!  I think we have one more year of her wearing this as a top!

Immediately after I took this, I stripped her down to her underwear so she could play in a kiddie pool and run through a sprinkler with some other children and dogs.

Not pictured: Chickens. Chickens everywhere. 

We had a great time sitting in the yard with the chickens and dogs and friends and lemonade.  I'm covered in mosquito bites now, but whatever.

That night we went to Braums because it's a glorious American institution and they have great ice cream.  We could see a lot of fireworks from the parking lot, so we enjoyed the show with the grandparents.

Today we saw Mamaw!  Evelyn has a bit of a stuffy nose and was cranky and tired, but she still had a wonderful time.  I made her be interested in the fossils around the flowerbeds because I was interested in them when I was little.  Mamaw showed her the birds playing in the bird bath.  There were a lot of discussions about what the bird families were doing.

 Evelyn wore Mamaw's gardening hat as a cowboy hat.

And rode a back scratcher as a stick horse.


Evelyn wasn't as snuggly as any of us would have hoped, but she certainly hugged everyone.

And Mamaw bribed her affection with a magnet off of her fridge.  Evelyn drank milk out of a little juice glass like I used to.  She played with things that EA had made.  We couldn't stay long enough to see the granddaughters, but I smiled all the way home because we got to spend so much time with people we like. 

Cody and I always talk about enjoying our trips to Oklahoma a little more and checking out the stops, but we usually don't.  This time, however, we did veer off onto the Boston Mountain scenic route.  I hadn't been on the pig trail in forever!  It was fun since neither of us get carsick, and Evelyn dozed most of the time we enjoyed the more picturesque parts of the mountains that you don't get to see from the interstate.

The weekend's not even over yet and I loved it.  It was lovely.

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