Monday, July 28, 2014

I Found Dale Bailey!

Well.  I should have posted this update quite a while ago, but whatever.

A million years ago, in October 2008, I posted a tongue-in-cheek post about how horror writer Dale Bailey didn't have much of an Internet presence anymore and how a horrible Lovecraftian fate was the only reasonable explanation.  I even did an artist's rendering of how I thought it all went down.

Oh man.  Well!  I actually discovered his blog was being updated a couple of years ago and forgot to mention it.  Whoops.

But!  But then!  I get an email from Open Road Integrated Media this month announcing that not only is Dale Bailey alive and well, but all of his works on being rereleased in eformat!  Which is great, because I'm never loaning my copy of The Fallen to you.  Ever. It's autographed, and I might need it or something.  I reread it a while ago, and I liked it.  It's very much a first novel in some ways, but I especially enjoyed the descriptive passages.  And the premise, which I can't give away in case someone other than my mom is reading this (Mom, I know this goes without saying because I typed "horror" up there but I'm going to go ahead and say it: you don't want this on your Nook.  There's horror in it).  But it's great, and I've always wanted to check out collections of his short stories.  Sometimes I see them out in the wild from time to time, and I always enjoy them.

I also enjoyed reading this interview between Dale Bailey and Jack Slay, Jr., about the book they wrote together, Sleeping Policeman.  Oh man, it sounds so scary!  I get it, that's how horror works but wow.

I still might read it, though.

Because now I know where to find it.

Disclaimer: I was contacted* by Open Road Media about writing a post.  I received no compensation and all thoughts, words, and terrible MS Paint drawings are my own.

*They found my blog from that Dale-Bailey-was-eaten-by-Cthulu post.  Yay?


Jennifer said...

Isn't it awesome how the internet works! I had to laugh at the comments about your mom and horror. Thanks for such an entertaining and informative post. I never would have guessed you were asked to write it. Totally authentic! You rock!

(Visiting from ARWB.)

Jen said...

Ha, it is awesome! Thank you for the kind words. And rest assured, my mom texted me after she read this to assure me she wouldn't be downloading the books any time soon!