Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Laine had a birthday!


Year 29 was pretty noteworthy.  She celebrated 6 years of marriage, had a baby, became a stay-at-home mom, let us all invade her house for Christmas, caught viral bronchitis while living with a newborn and recovering from a C-section (I swear it wasn't from us visiting for Christmas!!!), took a baby to a beach, and transformed herself into one of those parents who signs up for Kindermusik. 

I am very impressed and proud.

We celebrated on Sunday, and I forgot to take any pictures until we were all leaving and I realized I needed a picture of Ellis and Evelyn because they grow so fast.  So here they are!

Oh goodness.

By the way, Ellis still looks a lot like Laine did at his age.  That makes everyone happy.  He's obviously such a loved little baby and it's amazing to watch Laine have all these adventures with him.  30 is obviously going to be amazing.

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