Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunday celebration

On Sunday, we celebrated.  We were all three together and we're going to see more of each other and we're happy.  I even had my camera on me in the morning because I was just that excited!

First we went to the park.  I didn't take any pictures of Evelyn hauling around sticks, but here's one of her on the swings.

Then Evelyn wanted to go to the zoo for their carousel and playground.  What else are memberships for if not for getting free parking and admission when we're celebrating and being ridiculous?!

She really likes looking at the fish in ponds.  You wouldn't believe how excited she gets whenever she spots a robin on the zoo grounds.

They look at the fish.

A gibbon looks at me.

This is Evelyn, and not a penguin.

This is a penguin, and not Evelyn.  I hope you're not confused by her clever disguise in the picture up there.

There are currently no birds in this place that usually has birds, so it looked extra abandoned when we went in there.

The zoo's old, okay?  (I like that a little.)

Again, this is Evelyn.

After that, she played on the playground and occasionally glanced over at elephants and alligators.  But mostly she just liked the signs and fish and playground that day.*

I enjoyed the flamingos.

Then we came home to this!

She enjoyed her little harvest.

*Reptile house not pictured because no one ever seems to want to see those pictures.  She likes snakes and turtles, so we always go in there.


Jamie said...

Cute family and love the zoo pics!

Karen Weido said...

Looks like you had a fun day. My kids love going to the zoo. I just wished we lived closer to one. #arwb

Jen said...

Thanks to you both! We love the zoo and the weather was great for it!