Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cody is 30 (and has been for a couple of weeks now)

You'd think I'd have said something earlier, but I didn't.  Cody is 30, though.  He tends to keep on doing his thing whether I acknowledge him or not, which is good.  Because a lot of the time I just don't.  Acknowledge him, I mean.

I'm sure there should be some kind of review, but if the past year was so soul-crushing that I didn't even bother with a year-end book list then I really don't need to chronicle Cody's 29th year.  There was a lot of unemployment, hundreds of disappointing incidents, uncomfortable and awkward encounters with well-meaning people offering either one of us jobhunting advice, and money problems. 

There was also a lot of help from family, good times with loved ones, important tips on job openings from friends, and Evelyn.  Evelyn may wear us out, but ever since she stole Cody's birthday thunder a few years ago, he's been delighted with her.  She made every day a little brighter and her dad loves sharing his birthday celebrations with her.

Her Uncle Casey is also pretty happy to party with her.

This past year has included trips to the zoo, dozens of library visits, plenty of trips to the grocery store and post office and parks, and a lot of cooking.  And book reading.  Lots and lots of book reading. 

Cody and I were dating when he turned 20 (oh man) and we're still hanging out now that we're both in our 30s (oh man) and have a beautiful princess monster together (who is letting this happen?!).  The fact that we'll be forever smashing their birthdays together makes me smile every time I think about it.  And I think about it a lot.  We haven't done this very many times yet, but every year now we all (and this includes my family and his) assume that Evelyn will be included in Cody and Casey's birthday celebrations.  Last year, Cody decided they needed a cookie cake because he thought a giant cookie would blow Evelyn's mind (it did).  This year she helped blow out the candles and seemed pretty convinced that we were also singing the happy birthday to her (we were).

Yes, Casey's shirt does say "Here's to twins."
To watch Cody (and Casey.  Their twinness grows more apparent all the time now that they have Evelyn to love on) take so much joy in sharing so much of his life and his birthdays with Evelyn makes me look forward to this year.  Even if we do wind up calling it the Year Cody Lost His Beard.

We'll get through this.

He has a (temporary, but whatever!) job now, and he has to be cleanshaven.  Evelyn is okay with it, aside from asking about his beard when she's sleepy. She still knows he's Dad.  They wrestle and fly and listen to jazz and cuddle.  He's such a good dad, and even on the days where I'm not overly fond of him I have to admit that this good dad is a billion light years more fantastic than that kid I started liking a decade ago.  He's patient and good-humored (compared to me) and takes care of this family in any way he can.  He's the guy who spent 3 hours trying to fix a virus program problem that was slowing down the computer just so I wouldn't lose my mind every time I needed to upload blog photos.  He's the dad who takes Evelyn to every doctor's appointment and library event.  He's the husband who showed genuine appreciation and enthusiasm for the crocheted potholder and knitted French press cozy I gave him for his birthday.

He's 30 and he's my husband and he's Evelyn's dad.  I think all 3 of us are going to like this year.

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