Sunday, March 30, 2014


I made sure to check on our pot of mint.  I thought it had died, but the other pots on top of these shoots protected them through the winter.  We moved it to beside our front door so it could start getting more sun.

Cody and Evelyn have some beautiful birthday cards on our banner.  They've had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays together for the past couple of weeks.

Evelyn has a cold (and now so do we.  That's what we get for cuddling.  Worth it.), so I've been trying to get her to drink warm tea with lots of lemon and honey.  Medicine can only do so much, and I thought getting to drink tea like Dad might at least boost her morale.  The princess dress was a little more exciting for her, though.

Last night, she was interested in how well some of our herbs were growing.  And then she started eating parsley.  And then she ate some more.  Cody checked online to see if it was okay, and discovered that parsley has tons of Vitamin C.  So at least there's that.

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