Monday, March 17, 2014

Evelyn had a birthday party!

Her Gram put up a banner and found a crown.

Sara and Laine and Ellis did an awful lot of driving.

Dad fried catfish and iced cupcakes.

Levi gave her trains. 

Sara and Chad gave her puzzles and colors and sticker sheets.

Laine and Ellis were presents enough, but will also be mailing a gift.  Mail!

Brook and Chris gave her lots of coloring things, a ball that lights up, some hair clips she already tried to eat, a ball, and a glass with a narwhale on it.  An actual glass.  I've already had to wash it so she could drink from it and feel big.

Granddad restored a doll crib and Gil finished a quilt intended for Sara because of course.  A little Madeline doll is sleeping under it right next to Evelyn's bed as I type this.

Gram gave her clothes (so pink! so much pink!) and books.

Mom coughed too much and took too few pictures.

And the birthday girl? 


She'd been talking about a birthday party for weeks--cupcakes and presents and family and blowing out the candles. 


And we'd been talking to her about manners and guests and being careful around flaming candles for weeks.   There was a slight meltdown about dinner because we never thought to mention dinner.  But she ate something other than frosting eventually. 

And oh man, she was happy with her cupcakes.  Gram had 6 candles in a package, and so Evelyn requested all 6 of them on her cupcake.  She beamed while we sang to her. 

She said "thank you" for at least half of her presents, and was a little upset about having to go to bed (late!) and not play with them.  Tomorrow's going to be a full day.

 She saw nearly every one of her aunts and uncles, and held her cousin.  She loved on all her grandparents.  She was a wonderful birthday girl!

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