Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Around here

Evelyn still tries to dance when I'm taking her picture, even though she knows that's not what I'm going to capture.

I obviously did not finish this blanket for her birthday.  But I did finish the final two squares, and figure out how everything's going to be arranged.  Now it's just time to seam everything together!  I may save this for a knit night.

Speaking of which, we stopped by my knit night last weekend to drop off some things to one of the members.  I was too sick to stick around, so Cody ordered some food and we took it home for Evelyn's birthday dinner.  She loved the bears that my friend Mei makes for charity, so Mei gave her one!  She was very excited to tell everyone that she was three years old and that she would blow out the candles at her party.

We gave her a flashlight for her birthday.  Awesome parenting right here!  That's not sarcasm.  This takes AA batteries, and the button is easy to press on and off.  It's lightweight, but fairly sturdy. 

Plus, it's a bumblebee flashlight.  She loves it just as much as I'd hoped she would.

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