Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Flower & Garden Show Trip for 2013

Man, I love the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.  Our family likes it, so obviously Evelyn does too.

She even liked meeting this bee!

I promise.   She actually had her Granddad take her out several times to go looking for the bee again.

She also saw real bees.

And had honey ice cream.

I love the exhibits!   Yes, it's a fountain piano.

Succulents.  Succulents everywhere.

It's a robot made of flower pots!

It's a flapper with flowers in her hair pouring flowers into champagne glasses!

It's a thing made to scare away birds made of birdseed!  And also maybe nightmares.
(But I did like how this display had lots of vegetables.  Vegetables are pretty!)

The Extension Service celebrates 100 years of awesomeness this year!

Also, there was a guy making balloon things.  Evelyn was very excited to talk about her puppy dog.  "I chose the color!  I chose blue!  He made this for me!"

He also made this for her.

She loved her crown.

Not pictured: lunch with Sara Bodie (who wore a vintage Flower and Garden Show t-shirt) and her friend, Evelyn conducting electricity through her hair like a champion, our friend Thomas and his ever-impressive landscaping plans, the few little terrarium plants I bought, and Mom.  I swear Mom was there for this.  She was usually off listening to demonstrations, asking questions, talking about this killer winter, and buying things.  She and Evelyn have a lot of seeds to plant very, very soon and I'm super excited about that for them.

I didn't get really carried away with wild planting plans this year.  Our space is limited and the community garden is gone and I know my container gardening limits. 

Which is why we have a terrarium now!


Talya Tate Boerner said...

It was a great show. I enjoyed it too!

Jen said...

I think it was one of the best! I've been going since I was small and love it.