Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year, New Setup?

I've been paring down.  Again.

I've been doing it on evenings when Evelyn's gone/Cody's at work in bits and pieces for the past couple of months.  Stuff's been piling up for the past......3 years or so?  I don't know.  I'm usually in some kind of decluttering state, but it's been pretty extreme in the past few weeks.  I've been selling old clothes on ebay, knitting up yarn, rearranging books and I've been really surprised about how it doesn't even matter.  So I've been determined to see a difference. 

Last week was a good week.  I spent 4 hours cleaning out crap one night.  It was just crap, mostly.  I reorganized, wiped down, and cleaned out 4 cabinets in the kitchen and it was pretty great.  Actually, it kind of sucked.  I got out rid of a lot of bottle things I was kind of holding onto, but there was no point.  Chewed up bottle things were thrown out.  Chewed up sippy cups were thrown out.  Coffee mugs I didn't like were thrown out. 

Seriously, I threw things out.  If I didn't love it enough to pack it up when I moved, it was out.

We're not going to talk about the expensive and expired baking ingredients that I threw out because I think I trashed $75 worth of idiotic baking ingredients and canned beans because some them were older than Evelyn.  That made me angry because there were 2 nearly full bags of vital wheat gluten that haven't been safe for human consumption in years that I know cost at least $12 a piece.  Ugh.

The nice thing about the food cabinet reorganization was that a bunch of junk went into Ziploc bags.  The stuff will be safe and the cabinets will be clean.

I know this looks a little bare, but we need to go to the store.  And now we actually know what we have and don't have, and when we do get something we'll have a place to put it!  My freaking favorite. 

You know what we don't need?  6 pounds of cornmeal, that's what.  Because now I know we have that.

Ugh, whatever.  Here's another cabinet.

I held onto the pumping accessories sterilizing bag because it's great for doing a quick sterilizing of pacifiers or whatever.  Some of our serving dishes have been moved up here, on top of the fridge.  It's not that hard to get to, and we can totally hop up there 3 or 4 times a year.

Evelyn's silverware is on top of the microwave because all of the bottle/medicine stuff is off the top of the microwave.  Medicine has been moved to the medicine cabinet.  Plus, this was a nice use of some of our jars.  We have a lot of jars and we don't can that much.  More on that later.

Throwing out a lot of Evelyn's annihilated cups and unwanted coffee cups cleared up some space.  I also threw out a lot of glass bottles.  We hang on to a lot of Coke bottles because....I have no idea why.  Just no.  This is much better.

Back to the jars.  Ta da!

Cleaning up the china cabinet made me the happiest.  I've got our jelly sorted on the top shelf, pints and half-pint jars on the shelf below that.  Vases and heirloom tea cups are on the shelf below that.  On the very bottom shelf I just have some paper plates for parties, a chicken candy dish because that seems worth displaying, a tea cup, and a beeswax candle because I guess I'm insufferable.  Keeping candles put away behind a cabinet away from little hands but easily accessible in case of a storm seems like a good idea. 

I feel a little bit better about our home and I thought you should know about some nice things going on around here.

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