Thursday, January 23, 2014

Evelyn is a scary monster

This is a dinosaur hat I bought for Evelyn a couple of years ago in the river market.  Sometimes she wears it when she's a monster.

Lately, all monsters are scary monsters.  This includes dinosaurs, as well as the skinks and pythons at the zoo.

Tonight, she put on the hat and was a scary monster who had to go scare Daddy at least 5 times.

Here are her claws.

I had just trimmed them, and I guess she was in awe of her own power.

I told her the plates on her hat protected her head and skull.  She was really excited to be reminded that she has a skull of her very own inside her head.

She used her claws to shield her eyes from the  flash.

I love this fearless creature so much.

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