Thursday, January 9, 2014

A post for 2014


We're alive.  Tired, cold, and cranky, but otherwise fine.

Cody has a temp job and it's going well.

Evelyn is cranky and weird because cold weather gets her down and she's 2.  She's still mostly sweet, and gets better at puzzles every day.

I'm tired, but fine.  And fine with being tired.  I knit and crochet and stress over things.  Work is good.  I'm fine with saying I'm good at my job.  It's my career.  It's okay to say that I want to have a career. 

Also, I made a pair of mittens.  They're warm and I'm proud.

I still haven't finished my Christmas knitting.  Oops.

You may have noticed that you didn't get a Christmas card.  I was tired.  You'll get a Valentine, though.

I cut Evelyn's hair the other night and have yet to take a picture. She moves a lot, and hasn't wanted her picture take lately. 

I need to get my act together for Ateca's baby shower this weekend.  I need to buy a book and wrap a gift and get directions to the shower, etc.  It seems like just a couple of months ago we were laughing way too loud at work and getting goofy about the Duggars.  It makes me happy that we're in charge of raising small humans.

It's nearly time to get Evelyn in the tub.  Good night.

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