Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I had a happy birthday!

Not pictured: Sunday night, dinner with everyone minus Laine and Robert.  Evelyn was sweet and social, even though she missed a nap.  I got a gift card, some cash, some yarn, some pajamas, and something like 20 spools of ribbon. Evelyn spent the night with my parents and I kept looking at pictures on my phone of her enjoying her early Christmas present.

Monday night: I came home to my girl!  Shortly after I put on my new pajamas, UPS came to the door with Evelyn's Christmas present.  I reasoned that it was the night before my birthday and Christmas would be pretty crazy and the box was bigger than I thought.....actually, there was no reasoning.  Evelyn just kept asking "What is that?" and I really wanted her to find out.

She loves it!

I love her!

Not pictured: this morning.  After a long absence, my boss came back to work and we were beside ourselves with joy.  I mean that.  We had a brunch. I was in charge of a humorous 'welcome back' letter and a banner.  I put up 3 banners, and was mildly amusing.  I had some lovely birthday wishes, and a lot of quiche.

Not pictured: my pedicure.  I took the afternoon off and finally cashed in a gift certificate I got last Christmas.  My feet look not-awful now!

I went home.  Not pictured: yarn.  And a crochet hook.  Score!


I love that girl.  I was selfish and woke her up so we could see the Christmas decorations at the Capitol.  I wish you could have seen her face when she stared at the flags on top.  

Here are a few pictures from inside.

Time to retire those jeans.  I took her through my office, and she came out with a candy cane.

My supervisor gave her some books for Christmas, and we read them while Cody was at a job interview (I feel like I'm jinxing it to even say that).

Not pictured: dinner with in-laws, and a book about knitting.  Or Cody, anywhere in this post.  He made me a cake and helped Evelyn decorate a card with glitter.  He mentioned this weekend that he was really excited for my birthday this year and said, "I don't know why I'm so excited this year.  It's probably because I love you."  I would hope so. 

I like 31 so far.  I like my job, I like my co-workers, I like my families, and I like my boring toe nail polish choices (Lincoln Park After Dark.  Come on).  I have a beautiful little girl in my life who makes life worth living.  I'm going to be an aunt.  I found a couple of rolls of film a couple of weeks ago and I want to use them for Christmas.  That seems worth mentioning.

It was a good birthday, and I'm glad I got more photographic proof than usual.

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Amber said...

Happy Birthday!

I love Evelyn's braids. I can't wait to do braids!!

I only yelled that in my head. It's naptime and I'm selfishly letting her sleep so I can have some quiet.