Thursday, December 5, 2013

Glitter girls are the best

Evelyn is at my parents because it seems like anytime there's any sort of problem we bustle her off to the countryside like a little London child circa 1940something.  A sleepover was in the works before the winter storm got here, but now I'm especially glad she's somewhere with big protective dogs and generators and all kinds of farm animals.  Oh, and her grandparents and uncle.  Such a loved little girl.  I feel kind of crappy some times about the apartment and the lack of a Plan B for this year and then I realize what's happening is the best possible outcome: we do our best and all kinds of family and friends step in to pick up the slack.  Grandparents let her play drums and pet bunnies and gather eggs.  They buy her very pink and princessy clothes because even though we're not the biggest fans of that sort of thing--not the parents, not the grandparents, no one--because that's what suits her.  She has aunts and uncles who are her best friends.  She thinks libraries are awesome places to visit and that homeless patrons and librarians are her good friends (they are).

Last night I let her do a glitter and glue craft because I hadn't busted out glitter since before she was born.  (She had glitter in her hair as a newborn anyway.)  She loved it even more than I thought.  Cody did a mostly okay job of hiding his horror. 

She really enjoyed herself and kept yelling "Glitter!  Glitter!" in happiness.  She's pretty focused on craft things--from coloring to pouring glitter to squeezing a glue bottle to applying a Band-Aid (because those are purely decorative)--and it makes me thrilled to watch her brain and little fingers at work.  I feel a little hypocritical posting about this sort of stuff when she's asleep or in another zip code, but maybe that's because that's when I have time to talk about her. 

This maniacal princess is the light of my life and the joy of my heart.  Our lives would be so sadly lacking without her.  I know she's having a great time with her Granddad and Gil, but I'm hoping we can bring her home tomorrow so I can ask her all about her adventures even though I know she'll say "uh huh" or "no" to everything depending on her mood.

Maybe we'll even do another craft.

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