Friday, December 13, 2013

Colorful Crochet Circles

I realized I had the perfect combination of bright colors in scratchy acrylics last weekend.  I was assembling my yarns for another project that I probably can't work on until after Christmas but I figured I would have time for a few new banners.

So I made these little circles from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares--4 circles of each color.

And wove in the ends.

And got to work, with my trusty helper at my side.

She liked stacking and counting circles, and matching up scrap yarns with circles in the corresponding colors.

I chained for about a foot and then crocheted 3 single crochet stitches in each circle.  I left about 4" of space between connecting each circle.

I really like what I got.

I was afraid of making the banner for our little alcove spot in the living room too long (since the last one I made was nearly TWICE as long as it should have been) so this wound up a bit short.

So now I'm afraid this is too short.  But it's colorful and fun-looking, and we can cover it up with Christmas cards if we want.

And since I had plenty of circles left over, this window is looking pretty festive as well!

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