Saturday, December 28, 2013

A birthday post for Levi

Levi had a birthday yesterday. He's a quarter of a century old.  If Levi's 25, then I guess I'm not 25.  That probably also means he's not 17.


He's a champion uncle.

It's fun and fascinating to see him in my daughter, and in our nephew.  Same face, same crazy baby hair.  Every time Evelyn plays with trains, or freaks out about some cars, or is just extra skinny and snuggly, I think of a much younger version of Levi and I love it. 

He's also a champion brother.  He shows up for things and helps out with stuff and smiles and nods when we talk.  He dislikes people we dislike simply because we dislike them, and gets excited about things that make us happy.

He's just great.  He bought Evelyn a train set of her very own for Christmas.

She sees it (smack in the middle of living room, of course) every time she walks into the room and exclaims "Oh, my train tacks!"  She lines up her vehicles and talks about where they're going and wrecks her trains and sets them back on the tracks and I'm going to think of Levi every time I step on all these gears and wheels in the floor.   Thanks, bud. (Not sarcasm.)

Happy birthday, Levi! 

You're the best brother ever.

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