Friday, November 1, 2013

Saints Day


Evelyn was sickly on Halloween.  She had some kind of stomach bug, and didn't want to wear the costume I stayed up until 3 AM making.

It didn't even look that great.  I made some dumb mistakes that I would have caught if I hadn't put off working on her stuff until after I'd finished a bunch of other things.  Which is a far crappier feeling than the one I had when she didn't want to wear my costume because of course she wouldn't.  This is our life.  How can I expect good things to happen when this is the approach I take to my own kid?

I wanted to dress her up a little, though, because that always makes her happy.  So out came the tutu.  She found some stickers and we put them on the tutu.

And other things.

Then I started adding necklaces.  I'd offer them and she'd take them.  After a few, she quietly said "I'm a princess. I'm all dressed up" with a quiet, matter-of-fact satisfaction that made me want to cry.  I gave her her crown, wand, and sunglasses.  The night became so much better!

I mean, just look at her!

We skipped going any of the places we'd planned, threw on her 'beautiful circle shoes' (some TOMS her aunt gave her) because those make her happy, and took her to her Gram's house.

She spent the night at her Gil's, took a nap at our house, and went to Gram's for dinner.  And wore her newest t-shirt (from Granddad)!

Also, she got Halloween presents.  A mini MagnaDoodle she could take home, a Mickey Mouse Halloween coloring book, and some jack o'lantern window decals that she thought were so beautiful.

Also, she watched some Charlie Brown specials.

Our evening mostly salvaged, we went home and got ready for bed.  I'm so relieved she doesn't know she missed out on trick or treating or dozens of compliments on her outfit.

It would have made this morning so much worse.  She woke up sick at 7.  Her dad and I stayed busy trying to keep her clean, calm, and happy until I went to work.

Then I stopped being calm, happy, and once I got teary on a day I foolishly decided to wear mascara and eyeliner, or clean. I needed to be at home.  I needed to be at work.  My complete loss of calm of calm in my supervisor's office led her to make the decision that I needed to be at home more.  Once I found out I was going to put a lot of extra work on some kind, hardworking people, I cried even more.  I finished up, left feeling humbled and gross and grateful, and cried on the way home.

Grace is pretty gross.  I realize that it's unfair and undeserved, and that's the point.  But I still feel gross.  But grateful.  Profoundly grateful.

I got to read books with Evelyn while Cody got all that laundry out of the dryers.  And I got to stay home with her while he ran to the store for Pedialyte and bananas.  We put the beautiful jack o'lantern decals on the windows.

She rearranged them over and over, proclaiming "I making Halloween!" 

She took a long nap without incident, and I ate a sandwich and finally pulled myself together.  I maybe lost it a little all over again when she woke up and said "I'm going to laugh. [beat] Heh heh."  She's magic.

She got a little more ill-tempered as the day went on, and things were pretty nightmarish by this evening.  Cody went to Mass, and I built Evelyn a fort.  She kept putting things in her mouth, I think just to be ornery at some points.  She's in bed now, and I'm working on a million yarn projects so I can have more free weeknights with my family in the next few weeks.  And I'm watching this.  I'm going to get to rest this weekend, and I'm going to go to knit night, and I'm going to watch a million more cartoons with Evelyn tomorrow if she's not up to errand-running.  We did 'a craft' and glued pieces of scrapbook paper onto white paper, so maybe we can do that tomorrow.  I'll be ready.

Have a good weekend.

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