Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving.

I only took a few pictures of Thankgiving, but we had a good time.  All of our families were safe on the roads, and the weather wasn't as cold as I feared.  Evelyn and her cousin Egan can now not only be in the same room together, but are now somewhat friends based on their mutual love of cars and trains.  Egan brought his whole train set to the house, and they played so much I got to eat most of my meal by myself.  We did a lot of visiting and eating, and Cody and Evelyn took three-hour naps while I knitted (and ultimately unraveled the crap I was knitting, but oh well).

Here are some pictures.

Oh hello, this is a very Southern salad.


Cousins.  He was trying to push her on this antique scooter thing and they kind of kept falling.  No big deal.

To have dads who look nothing alike, they're oddly cloney.

Best picture I got all day. Trust me.

She loves this shirt.  I'll probably keep putting it on her.

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