Monday, November 25, 2013

I have measured my life out in items on a to-do list.

Evelyn is with my parents and I have used this free evening to write 2.5 posts, edit another one, and list 4 items on eBay.  I am crocheting a dishcloth.  I will assemble 3-5 dishcloths and tie them up with a ribbon so they'll look pretty when part of my family goes to visit Grandmother for Thanksgiving.  I am told they will eat meatloaf.

We're spending Thanksgiving with Cody's side of the family this year, which means Evelyn will take a nap at a relatively decent hour. Maybe.

I'll be free to make things.  Or more accurately, set up the tree. And the wreath.  And put away the frozen plants in the dried out pots.

But I still kind of want to knit myself some mittens. 

I would ask you to pray for Cody's job interview tomorrow, but he's annoying me with his trying to sound clever by making dumb observations about crochet pattern abbreviations.  My Benadryl has kicked in for the evening and I'm just being honest here.  Time to finish up this guy:

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