Sunday, November 3, 2013

Embarrassment of riches

It's Sunday night and things are pretty calm. 

Evelyn's going to eat a bag of baby rice cakes because she likes the crunch and it's not going to get more bland than baby rice cakes.  Her belly is still pretty terrible, but less frequently so.  She's staying hydrated and pretty happy, probably because she thinks Pedialyte is special juice and because we're letting her watch cartoons almost nonstop.

On Saturday, we did manage to go to our little library to return books, pay over EIGHT DOLLARS IN FINES, and briefly read to some dogs.  I made sure she sanitized her hands before and after playing with the dogs even though she barely touches dogs that aren't Mo or Murphy.

Once we got back home she called Mozart on her play phone to let him know about her morning.  She ate a boring lunch, and I put her down for a nap.  Cody left to get a haircut and run errands, and I ate a sandwich.  Then she didn't take a nap.  Lots of books and cartoons and some fresh sheets later, we reached late afternoon.  I liked the way the afternoon light hit things around the apartment because I don't see our house much in the afternoons, even on weekends.

When Cody came home, I was able to run another load of clothes because that needed to happen.  He and Evelyn have been reading a lot of comics together lately, and it's a good thing he checked out a bunch earlier in the week.  Girlfriend has been in the mood for lots of comic-reading.

I went to knit night and a mom who goes to library time told me that she saw Cody and Evelyn wearing matching Avengers t-shirts a few weeks ago.  Good grief.

I felt guilty about going to knit night, but I hadn't seen my friends in a month.  I needed that time, and I needed the chance to finish up some projects that have been lingering.  And I made this.

This feels unseemly to say, but I'm fast crocheter.  Very fast.  It's something I like about myself.  I made Evelyn this ladybug hat because she likes ladybugs and I like making her hats.  I already have a post written about it and everything.

I have a lot of posts written up and ready to go.  I was able to use Evelyn's long Friday nap to finish some projects, write some posts, and upload some pictures.   I feel bad that I was at home and not working, but I really did need that time to take care of my other job so that I could have some free weeknights with my little family and maybe even get ahead on work.  It'll pay off in the long run.

I stayed up late finishing some things on Saturday night, and woke up early because Evelyn did. We got a fair amount of nutrition in her, and I kept exclaiming how happy I was that we had so much of the morning left.  I think Cody stopped loving me.  He usually does in the weeks around the time shifts.

I also knitted a gauge swatch.  It's pretty, so I wanted to show you.

We went over to play at Dicy's, and Evelyn had a wonderful time with her Gram.

They had a great time playing with a MagnaDoodle, but it was more fun to photograph them having fun with Spencer's drums.

Evelyn learned to count off, and kept surprisingly good balance on that high stool.  She kept shouting "I'm making music, Mommy!" with so much dadgum joy and excitement that I couldn't stop smiling.

We were in the mother-in-law house at Dicy's because she's been trying to clean up some things.  Cody got some things of his dad's and his Memaw Agnes's, and I got to see some of his granddad's handiwork. He probably made this candlestick.

We ate lunch with the family, and Cody and Evelyn took naps, and I caught up on some work, and I think I'm mostly ready for the next few days.  I'm going to lay my clothes out the night before, because that always makes a big difference for me.  And Cody's going to cook me a turkey melt with homemade bread because in a lot of ways, my little life is glorious and good and happy and full.

Mom ran into my rehabilitation counselor this afternoon.  I had a rehabilitation counselor in college.  My asthma was so severe at the time that it qualified as a disability.  Once I qualified for some program that doesn't exist anymore (at least, not in this capacity), my counselor helped me navigate a lot of stuff in college so that I could convince faculty and administration that I needed special accommodations, that I wasn't being lazy or making excuses, and so that I could some funding for school and a single room.  Mom was so excited to see this person and thank her because sometimes just the encouragement she gave me in our biyearly meetings was enough to bolster my confidence because reminders that I wasn't being lazy or making excuses weren't quite enough to counteract the feelings I had from the raised eyebrows I got from fellow students and some teachers, but that encouragement was at least there in the back of my mind. 

Mom was happy to tell my counselor that I had a job in my chosen field, in part, because of how this woman helped me get my degree.  How I had a great supervisor, how I had options in this professional job to take time to be with my family, how my work was well-regarded (or so I'm told) because this woman's service.  I told Mom "I hope you talked me up so big" because this person did not get a lot of support for what she wanted to do.  Mom said she couldn't remember my title, but she gave the woman a description of me.  It made her happy, which made me happy because I think about this woman a lot (especially around the time of year I would need to mail in my grades) and I'd like to let her know she can be proud of me.

Geez Louise, I need people.

I've gotten in a lot of snuggles with Evelyn, and the weather has been beautiful, and I've done a lot of knitting and crocheting and typing about it.  My hands are completely wrecked.  My under eye circles get closer to my cheekbones every day.  I haven't felt this calm since that time I got to sit on a couch with Laine and feel her strong little baby move around in her belly, and I could see for myself that they were healthy and perfect.  I hadn't even known how much I needed to see her until there was a chance I might not get to.  It was the same thing with Evelyn on Friday.  I need people, a lot.

Especially this kid.  Especially when she's like this.

What an abundance of wealth.  What a beautiful life. 

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