Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Saturday naptime post.

We had waffles for breakfast.  I went to the yarn store.  I listed clothes on ebay.  After 2 hours of diapers and jumping and chattering, Evelyn went down for a nap.

I turned off the ceiling fan in our bedroom and died of shame.  Then came back to clean it and leave the windows open to let some of the dust escape.  I think we turned it off once or twice when we first moved in, and then didn't bother.  But it's slightly chilly in our room, and I thought we should start turning it off during the day.

We still haven't turned on our heat.  We might this weekend, though.  As twitchy as I feel when I think about the fact that we live in between apartments on our left, right, above, and below, I also feel good about how much we save in heating costs every winter.  We're always toasty.

It's my aunt's birthday today!  Yay for Aunt Ginger!

I think I'm going to crochet a cowl, because that's just what I do.  It will be a nice way to keep my hands busy while I talk at knitting group, and talking at knitting group is a nice way for me to be entertained when I'm working on a slightly mundane project.  Thank God for that group.

I finished my socks!  They look like this!

I wrote all about it here!

I washed them this morning, and even threw them in the dryer in the hopes that it would shrink them down a bit.  I think it might have helped.  It doesn't matter.  I would wear them if they were Cody's size.  I love them so much!

Evelyn's very preoccupied with nests and caves.  Sometimes she just chills out with a blanket over her head.  Sometimes she hangs out in a fort.

This is what it means when she's in a nest.

Goober.  My own child is a bit of a goober and there's no other word for it.

She's also an artist.  She made this at library time this week!

Nobody tell her this turkey is wasted.

I'm told her dad helped her a little, but maybe he just wants some of that artistic spotlight.  The girl's quite crafty, and I think we're going to glue some more buttons to things and call it a craft once she wakes up.  I better get ready!

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