Monday, November 11, 2013

A day out

We went out to Mom and Dad's on Saturday to help them with some bigger projects they on their list--which means Cody did some heavy lifting, and I took care of little jobs here and there.  Evelyn pushed around an old dump truck, pretended to drive things, and talked to animals.

Also, Mom wanted to make a craft with Evelyn because they hadn't gotten around to it the last couple of visits.  I tied strings around 4 pine cones and Mom rolled them in peanut butter while Evelyn scooped and dumped bird seed over the kitchen counter.

I only took pictures of when Dad went to hang them up.

Oh, and by the way: after more than 2 years of hiding from her, Murphy decided he loves this little lamb and he's been guarding her pretty closely for the past few months.  It seemed worth mentioning.  He follows her around, and even when he's not sticking close, he knows where she is.  She's delighted with the attention.

Murphy approves of this venture.

As does Evelyn.

Mom was pretty happy that they did 'a craft' (that's what Evelyn keeps calling them), and they'll get to watch birds feed from a living room window. They only made 4 little pine cone bird feeders for now, but I'm hoping they enjoy trying this out some more later in the year.

I also hope they keep wearing scarves like they're cool matching ladies or something for the rest of the season.  Evelyn had a great time pushing Levi's old dump truck, and exploring, and playing.  Cody felt useful and was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't completely worn out at the end of the day.  And I enjoyed being out where there was plenty of space.  I helped a little with cleaning out little hutch where the chickens sleep. I swept the porch near the bunny pen.  I gathered up trash.  And I got to prune dead plants in the garden and stack them in piles for Dad and Cody to carry away.

That's the ultimate dream for a results-obsessed person like me.  I went to work, and the area looked different. I helped Mom feel prepared for the changing seasons.  It was glorious.  Later, I got Dad to hang a wreath on the wall.  I also recommended throwing up all the framed photos onto a wall without measuring or arranging them out beforehand, but Mom took that as seriously as she does my recommendations to burn the house down in a nice, cleansing fire by way of seasonal cleaning and decluttering.

Bonus: we had meatloaf for lunch.  Spectacular.

Update: Dad took some pictures of us crafting on Saturday, and sent them out to siblings.  Laine emailed these two to me.  Thanks!


Laine said...

The first thing I noticed when Dad sent us those pictures was that Mom and Evelyn both had their scarves on, which I thought was adorable! They're peas in a pod those two.

Jen said...

They really are. They were warm and cozy!