Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our annual fair trip

I took Evelyn to the fair on Monday.  We were probably both too tired to be there, but it was Dollar Day (and wound up being free) and I wanted her to see animals and exhibits and tractors and fair things.  I used to lose 2 weeks of my life to the state fair every year and mostly hated it.  Naturally, I couldn't wait to go back for at least a little bit of weekend fun when I was in college, and even afterward. 

Cody's not a big fan of the fair, so I took Evelyn myself while he went out and applied for jobs.

It was hot, she was fussy, and I don't necessarily enjoy myself at the fair.  I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the same things every year and mentally checking them off my list, but it's hard to even get satisfaction from that with a whiner in tow.

But she seemed to like the goat barn.  I kind of liked being in the goat barn, too.  I could explain every single thing that was happening.  She goes through most of her days asking "What's that?" about everything and nothing, and Cody and I usually don't even know where to start.  But goats are very similar to sheep and so there I was, pointing out pajamas and lead ropes and grooming tables and goats' floppy ears and pens and she was hanging on my every word. 

Then I took her to the equestrian center to watch some goat shows, but we just sat outside.

That was our view.  We watched goats come and go and I pointed things out to her.

She was so sleepy.

A breeze picked up and she made me hold both her hands.  I was so happy.  We sat there for quite a while, happy and quite.  She reminded me of Levi at that age and thinking of Levi at that age makes me so happy.  I probably could have sat her down with a couple of cars and we could have spent another hour on those bleachers.

So that's what I wanted to write about because after eating spaghetti and watching Blue's Clues with her that night (in a clean house!), that 10 or 15 minutes on the bleachers was the highlight of my day.

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