Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fun Fair! Ira Glass! Zoo!

I can tell the weekend has come and gone: my left side hurts from carrying Evelyn through the past couple of days.  There's a knot in my shoulder, and an ache in my lower back.  She's heavy, and I'm out of shape.  I joked to a co-worker a few weeks ago, "I worked out a few months ago.  It was terrible." and as soon as I said the words I realized it had really been a few months since I worked out.  Anyway, my body still works well enough to lug Evelyn around.

I carried her through the farmers market and she showed her scarf to people.  Then we played on the playground and that scarf was dragged through some puddles.  I washed it while she napped.  She found the thing a month or so ago when I was going through some winter things and she really liked it--so much so that when I said it was a chilly morning, she wanted her winter scarf and hat for "walking in the snow."  Okay.  I have some more of this yarn.  I think I'm going to make a back-up scarf in case this craze continues.

After her nap, I dressed her like Cinderella and took her to our library's fall festival.  She had a great time eating candy and winning prizes.  Cody volunteered at a station and was the guy pinning goody bags to a fishing line behind a wall.  Evelyn kept running behind it to show him her stickers and her temporary tattoo of a snake.  Most of the bigger kids know her, and were careful to not run her down while they flailed from one activity to the next.  She won a giant foam snake and a book about fairies getting ready for bed. 

She wore princess bandages because she loves them and I used them as a bribe for something.  The boots are for puddles, and she stepped in a lot of them on her way home.  No good puddle goes unsplashed these days.

That night, I went to Memphis with Jessi to see Ira Glass talk about radio and story-telling and it was just so fun and awesome. 

Stolen from Jessi's Facebook.
We were in the Orpheum, which is so fancy that I took a picture of an exit sign in a bathroom because I'm a sophisticated lady. 

We only got lost, like, twice.  We still made it to the show on time!  We don't get out that much together, and it was a blast.  She drove while I knitted, and then I drove back.  We laughed and thought about things and talked a bunch because that's what we do together.  The show was awesome, and I had a really great time listening to Ira Glass talk about the practical (but still super emotional) aspects of a creative craft.  I loved it.

We also saw Jarrett's sister and her fiancee on our way out, and I think we freaked them out a little.  No big deal.  We stopped at a gas station at 1:30 in the morning and ate a bunch of chips. 

Something like 8 hours later, I was dressed like redneck trash taking my kid to the zoo. 


She needed her winter hat and scarf.  I had also put this sweater on her to see if it still fits and she declared "I'm warm and cozy!  Mommy knit!"  Let me knit you a million more things, child.  Even if you do insist on playing on that stupid playground by the giraffe pen and we never get to check out the giraffe.  At least we got to look at the zebras a lot this time.  They're my favorite.

Fact: the zoo membership is for me.  I want to see zebras and weird horned animals.

Evelyn did announce that she wanted to see an elephant (thankfully, one is still alive) and she liked the snakes and turtles.  She was also happy to talk up her lorikeet experience when we went home for grilled cheese sandwiches. Cody was the appropriate level of impressed with our adventure.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled out.  Some knitting and napping (not me.  I've already had my nap for the quarter) and crafting.  We kicked a ball around a vacant lot while Cody made dinner, and then Evelyn stuff some leaves on some shrubs and called it decorating.  She sobbed when I pulled her in from the playground because it was cold and I was having an asthma attack.

I was showered and in pajamas by 8:30 that night, and drinking hot tea by 9.  Such a good weekend.


Laine said...

I love that pink sweater!

Jen said...

I do too! I was really hoping she could still wear it this year. I think it will last a few more months!

Talya Tate Boerner said...

Wow. Haven't been to the Orpheum in years. Sounds like you had a great time!

Jen said...

It probably looks the same--very beautiful and old! It was awesome.