Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Evelyn's been helping Cody cook a lot.  Sometimes she just cooks at her kitchen, though, because she likes to do things herself.  A lot.

We went to Dallas's birthday party because he's 12 and time is crazy.

My work has slowed down.

Cody still looks for work.  Trying has to count for something, right? Right.  I think it counts.

The weather is cooler and we have more time.  Cody's going to take Evelyn to the zoo more often, and I'm more open to aimless toddler wandering now that it's not hot enough to make me feel like vomiting.

She saw this at her grandparents' house and loved it.

I helped Laine with her first ever baby gift registry!  Mostly, I just rubbed things and tried to stop Mom from buying frilly things for Evelyn.  (I failed.)  Laine and her baby boy are growing big and lovely.

Cody and I are keeping our budget pretty pared down these days.  It feels a little extreme, but it's not as crazy as a no-spend.  Close, but I like no-spend adventures. (no pictures of that)

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