Saturday, September 28, 2013

I like to think I'd plant an apple tree, too

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Martin Luther
Our community garden is done.

The lot it was on was sold earlier this year, but we got to replant our plots for free because they could be uprooted at any point.  Probably before harvest time. 

I'm a sucker for anything free, and I'm a little bit optimistic.  Besides, it was my best chance to have a garden.  So I put out some sweet potato cuttings and a few nasturtium seeds.  There were even some sugar snap peas that burned up, even with all our watering.

Oh, the watering.

If nothing else, this was a good summer because it was when Evelyn learned how to water plants.  She's a little bit older and more patient, so toting her out there was a little less unpleasant.  And she liked picking up rocks this summer.

She really liked to water those plants.

We walked past last weekend, and the bed had been dismantled and the plants had been dug up.  Construction is supposed to start soon and some new unaffordable apartments will take the place of people's plots of peppers and squash. 

These things happen.

Someone was nice enough to put our fingerling-size sweet potatoes in a pile near the remains of our plot, so I carried them home.  Evelyn happily gnawed on one after she helped me wash them off.  The water had been shut off a few weeks ago, and it had bothered her that we couldn't water the plants.  It bothered me, too.  We had nearly a full growing season, and more rain than we normally get.

It didn't last long enough, but I'm glad we had our garden.


Jeanetta Darley said...

Such a lovely bittersweet post. I hope your able to have a garden in another plot or in containers next year. I know that s not the same but there's just something about being able to grow your own food. It's freeing.

Debbie Arnold said...

I hope you have another garden as well. It's good for the soul:)

Jen said...

Thank y'all, I hope so too! A lot of times I feel kind of relieved, like it's not worth the trouble. But I always get pulled back in. There's so much to love about gardens.

Jamie said...

I agree, this is a bittersweet post. Quite lovely! I loved my container garden, highly recommend it.