Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby's first Pink Palace trip

We went to Pink Palace with some friends! Obviously we took our own car, and left earlier than the others.  Evelyn was pretty amazing on the ride up, but we hit the museum right around nap time.  She raged because she couldn't push the stroller/climb the stroller/do something I never could figure out.  Things got a little better when I took the stroller and cast it into the fiery depths of Hell the car trunk, and we got to look at some taxidermied animals and fish fossils.  She only slept an hour on the way home, my week of not sleeping caught up to me, and I sat on the floor in a catatonic state when we got home while she screamed about....something.

Then she ate the world's largest supper and cheerfully took a bath and got ready for bed early.  Okay.

In summary:

-Our friends are lovely and unphotographed people who love Evelyn.
-Cody will share his snacks with Evelyn.
-Evelyn = getting better at trips and outings, while Mommy = actually getting worse even though I never knew it was possibly.
-Pink Palace is really great.
-People who have weddings at the Pink Palace and close off the best part of the museum (that we still paid to see--what?!  Okay, not us because Laine graciously gave us a pass for our anniversary.  But still) should be taken out back and cast into the car.  Ahem.

Here are some pictures.

Baby's first bites of Nutrageous!

Shortly followed by baby's first bites of crayon!

Part of the WWI exhibit on art and war time.  A decorated mess kit.

Shell vases.

It's not running any more, but Evelyn loved it.

Fossil. She really liked this.

She wanted me to take a picture of her shoe.  Here it is.

She got three little fish at the gift shop.  She's been cooking them in her play kitchen and carrying them in a jar ever since.


Amber said...

I laughed out loud. Three times! This is the best post yet. Although, I think I may have enjoyed it so much because the raging, screaming, crayon eating, shoe loving little girl that you wrote about could have been mine. I just closed the office door and kept on reading pretending not to hear it all. :0)

Jen said...

Thanks! Man, toddlers with their rage and shoes. Those are her favorite shoes, actually. I know this because she always says "These are my faaaaaaaaaavorite shoes."