Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We ate a good thing and had a good time!

I saw a recipe in Martha Stewart Living for grilled eggplant with tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese last week and very subtly left it open for two days until Cody asked if I wanted to try it out. 

Um, yes.  Reading Martha Stewart recipes for produce that's in season is kind of like shopping when you're hungry--knowing that I can buy everything on the page at the farmers market makes me feel like I have to eat it rightthissecond. 

But I dislike eggplant.  We thought zucchini would swap out nicely--it's cheaper and everywhere right now--and grilled chicken breast would go well with this vegetarian option.  I'm sorry, I need a lot of protein.  Nearly anytime I eat a vegetarian dish, I wish it had chicken in it. 

So!  On Saturday, we bought cherry tomatoes and zucchini at the farmers market.  And on Sunday, Cody made up some kind of marinade for the chicken and picked basil from our tee-tiny herb box.  We already had some feta in the fridge and chicken in the freezer, so we were all set!

I even made a literally cute-as-a-button vase and Evelyn helped me pick flowers.  And tossed some in her kiddie pool.  Okay, flowers need water.  We eventually transferred them to the vase and the smoke from the grill pan eventually dissipated. 

And then we ate.

And it was so good.  So very good.

Cody went ahead and prepared the zucchini exactly as he would have the eggplant--letting the slices sit in salt, etc.  The only deviation was to leave out the pine nuts because we didn't have any, and he skipped the red pepper flakes because they might be too hot for Evelyn.  She wound up not wanting any of this--but she did try it!--but it was still plenty flavorful and we didn't mind at all.

We still have some zucchini and tomatoes left over, so we might have this again some time this week!

Such a good thing.


Amber said...

That looks delicious!

Jen said...

It was soooo good! I had the salad on top of dill and olive oil Triscuts for a snack the next day. I stank, but I was too full of good food to care.