Friday, August 16, 2013

Just some pictures of Evelyn

I was talking to Mamaw the other day (she's well, just has a cough and is kind of bummed that all the rain is beating down her okra) and she told me to put more pictures of Evelyn on the computer.  So here they are!

Here's Evelyn in a hat I made for her.  She and Baby Gray can have matching hats all the time!

Sometimes she likes to wear this headband.  And dig through drawers.  This was the night she repeatedly slapped a bag of sugar that was on the counter and that was how she helped her dad make dinner.

Here she is helping her dad wake up.  I liked this because when I was little, Mamaw and I would make the bed over EA while he was sleeping and I'd try to be very quick and quiet and get the covers and pillow completely over his face before he woke up.  Do you know how old I was before I realized that EA had probably woken up, eaten breakfast, and drank most of his morning's coffee before I trapped him in his sleep?

It was last year. 

EA was a very convincing actor when it came to looking like he was asleep.

Cody was really asleep in this picture, though.

Alaska Jane was really asleep in this picture.  Evelyn met her and once she was comfortable with meeting this new little person, she hopped up on the couch and said "Okay, time to hold baby."  She did a pretty good job!

Here she is swimming in a bucket in her swimming pool.

This is how she ate breakfast a few weekends ago.  It was one of those rare occasions where she actually wore something other than monkey pajamas....but did have to wear a crown.

And this is us last Saturday when she felt so good about her sunglasses and hat that she wanted her picture taken.  At least one of us feels good about this picture.  Wow.

So that's what Evelyn's been up to!  Accessorizing and meeting folks and being outdoors!  I promise I shower more in real life.

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