Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A birthday post for Sara Gail

Sara had a birthday this weekend!

Out of respect for her ridiculousness, I will play along and say that she turned 25. 


Sara's always been strange about her birthday, and we've usually played along.  There were the years when her worst insult was to tell someone she wouldn't invite them to her birthday (that, and calling people "pancake").  And then there were the years she would make us observe the day before and after her birthday.  And then she bumped it up to making us treat her special the week before and after her birthday.  I missed the resolution declaring August 4 a state holiday in her honor, but if it hasn't yet I'm confident it will.

I like that about Sara.  She decides that something will be a certain way, and ta da!  It happens. I know there's more at work than just the sheer force of her will, but there's a lot to be said for just declaring something to be so and expecting others to follow your lead.  I see it in Evelyn now and it makes me smile because it reminds me of Sara and because it gives me hope for my headstrong little girl's future.

I like to jokingly bemoan all the ways Evelyn resembles her Aunt Bodie, but I truly enjoy once again living with someone who flirts and sings and accessorizes.  It's always been an interesting way to live and I'm happy to live it.  I've also been happy to see so much of Sara these last few weeks.  We celebrated her birthday/our parents' anniversary with a trip this past weekend (she shared her day!  She must be maturing, if not growing up) AND there was that small matter of her graduating last month. 

Yes, Year 25 Part 2 was a big one.  She graduated.  I don't even remember what else she did because that is a big one.  It's an awesome accomplishment that's been in the making for a long time.  I am truly excited for whatever comes next because I know that if Sara wants to make it happen, then it will.  I can't wait.

These people are also very happy that Sara was born.


Anonymous said...

We are VERY happy that all four of you were born! Although, we are extremely this month that our "25" year-old was born.

Mom2Four said...

This girl has had a very big month!

Ms. Evelyn is frequently called "Sara" around here because she has so many of her Aunt Bodie's two year old traits blossoming right now :)!

I am so proud of all of my very special girls. Happy birthday and Happy College Grad., Bodie!