Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sara Graduated!

I had a lot to say about it, but mostly what I want to say is that we were happy and proud.  Hooray for Sara!

Here we are waiting eagerly for the ceremonies to start.  We took up nearly a whole row, and Mom packed of entertainment for Evelyn.

It helped a lot.  Evelyn was a pretty great trooper through the whole thing!  A sleepy, great trooper.

She made Chad read a Magic Schoolbus book to her.

And then, what we came for!  After song and prayer and speech and all those other programs and names: Sara Gail!

I was oddly excited that she wore flats for her day of standing and walking.  It's a very mature and graduate thing to spare your awful ankles from heels.

There she is!

This is when she stopped walking back to her seat and stood there while I changed the settings on my camera to take her picture.  Lovely.

We took a lot of pictures once it was all over.  It was a happy occasion!  We need lots of documentation.

Excited parents.

We are all degree-holders!  Whoop whoop!

Standard awkward photo with Levi.

This is probably my new favorite picture of them.

Evelyn deigned to take a few pictures, but not without her pacifier or Boris.  A girl has limits.

Her aunt gets it.

 Also, here's Chad!  Such a supportive and proud husband.  Good dude.  I like him.

 I'm just a happy and proud big sister right now.

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Mom2Four said...

I am still feeling a sense of relief, pride, happiness and "is it really over" itis ,even after four days!!

It's great and I am so proud of her.

Thanks for all of these amazing pictures!